WP viewMobile - standby for mobile Internet

Mobile internet is irresistible. It is not only since Apple introduced its iPhone that people discover the pleasure of surfing the internet without being bound to their PC or Laptop. Unfortunately, many websites are not yet prepared for visitors using mobile phones or other portable devices.

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Excessive loading times
Although UMTS and HSDPA theoretically deliver speeds comparable to those of a Home PC, the average time for retrieving a website in reality is much longer. In addition, many rate plans are based upon volume, resulting in considerable costs for users browsing too large websites. It is therefore important to keep the overall size of a page as small as possible.

Exceeding resolutions
A lot of cell phone screens have a maximum resolution of 240x320. Since most websites are far wider it is extremely troublesome to watch them on a mobile phone.
If you are running a Wordpress-Blog, you can use our plug-in WP viewMobile to make it ready for mobile internet - with just a few clicks.
Features of WP viewMobile:
  • recognizes visitors using mobile phones
  • delivers a template optimized for mobile devices
  • optional: shrinks or removes pictures from the post
Screenshots (Motorola Moto Q9):

  1. Unpack the archive and upload the folder "viewmobile" into the plug-in-folder of WordPress
  2. Activate plug-in in admin-menu
  3. optional: Change settings (admin-menu)
  4. To test: browse website with a mobile phone or use an emulator
Download viewMobile 1.2.1

v1.1 - shrink or remove pictures
v1.1.1 - resize bug fixed
v1.1.2 - Opera deleted from user-agent-list
v1.1.3 - small bugs fixed
v1.2 - Updated to new Wordpress-Version
v1.2.1 - New UserAgents (Android,...)